Series Spotlight - Beethoven 250


Beethoven, one of the most admired composers in the history of Western music, would be celebrating a milestone birthday of 250 years old this month. Though the exact date of his birthday is not known, it is believed that the composer and pianist was born on the 16th December as he was baptised on the 17th.

To mark this occasion, we are sharing a collection of portraits by Fr Hendrich Rumpf.

Beethoven stands in great company in Rumpf's famous series of portraits of eminent composers. The collection includes most of the great names in classical music prior to the turn of the twentieth century. Ranging from Handel, Haydn, Gluck and Mozart in the eighteenth century to composers like Strauss and Puccini, who thrived in the early twentieth century. Rumpf's large series of 25 portraits is a highly unusual tribute to the most influential names in the history of classical music.

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