Be Inspired - Salvador Dali & Surrealism


We all know the masters of Surrealist Art: Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee to name just a few. The minds behind the creation and advancement of this dreamlike style. But this collection explores beyond the beginning of this movement and into the present day of Surrealism.


For those drawn to the pull of colour, the intrigue and the unexpected, then this diverse collection is for you. Mixing together Modern Masters with some lesser known surrealist artists, from Man Ray’s black and white figures to the whimsical and manipulated work of Cristina Schek, this series explores elements of a new kind of surrealism. Still present is the vivid imagination and the fusion of the conscious and unconscious, which now evolves alongside modern, digital influences.


This colourful and playful series has something for every type of art enthusiast: traditional surrealist artworks that we already know and love, contemporary twists on iconic art and brand-new creative compositions by modern-day artists. We encourage you to put aside thoughts of reality and realism and enjoy this journey into the unknown world of enchanting, mystifying and mesmerising work.

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