Be Inspired - Analogous Art - Blue & Green

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An emerging trend in the interior design world is to use analogous colour schemes, which involve pairing colours that are next to each other on the colour wheel. As we expect to see these powerful pairings make their way into retail in 2024, we’ll be looking at four of these striking schemes throughout the month of October, starting with partnering blue and green.

Pairing colour ‘neighbours’ has often been considered a fashion faux pas, but this analogous art is all about pushing boundaries and breaking rules. This harmonious layering of colours that are alike but distinct, like blue and green, creates interiors that are cohesive and cosy, bold and balanced. Analogous colour schemes are common in nature, and blue and green often feature in luscious landscapes, from sea and sky to hill and vale.

With classic styles like pretty plants and beautiful botany alongside astounding abstracts, including inky swirls, geometric patterns and striking shapes, these serene prints suit any style. Whether the blues and greens are beautifully balanced or feature one dominant colour and vibrant pops of the other, whether they come in pairs and sets of prints or as standalone paintings, whether rich, deep and dark colours or light, fresh, and airy prints, say goodbye to the days of monochrome minimalism with this analogous art.

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