FAQ & Copyright

1. Who is this website for?

Rosenstiels new website is dedicated to Trade Customers worldwide.

2. Can I use your images shown on your website? How do I adhere to International Copyright Laws?

The low-resolution jpgs available from our website may be used for the purpose of showing an image to a client, to help secure business i.e. a presentation, etc., 

Rosenstiels takes International Copyright Law and Copyright Protection very seriously. Rosenstiels will not hesitate in taking legal action for any individual or organization who breaches International Copyright Laws. 

The images displayed on our website cannot be printed off to be sold in any way. Nor can they be cropped or edited without the express written permission from Rosenstiels, who if they allow, will supply our client with an edited version. This is to comply with copyright laws.

No usage of any image published by Felix Rosenstiel's Widow and Son Limited, can be used for any form of use or training in Artificial Intelligence.

3. What are the different sections on the website?

Prints and Giclées - including the Deluxe Collection and the 888 Collection.

Fine Art Editions - including Limited Editions and the Superior Collection.

Bespoke Print on Demand


Bespoke Projects

Catalogues - including current PDFs.

Be Inspired

4. How do I place an order?

Orders can be placed by email sales@rosenstiels.com or by phone during working hours +44 (0)20 7352 3551 or by fax +44 (0)20 7351 5300 or by post.

5. Where can I find Rosenstiels’ suggested retail price lists?

Please click here to see the ‘Retail Price Lists’ section where you will be able to view and download our retail price list exclusive of any taxes. Price codes are shown either by using the print reference for Open Editions and Giclées, or the price code shown under each image in the Fine Art Editions’ section. 

6. Can I view images even if I do not have a password?

Yes, everybody can browse the entire website without being registered or logged in. The only prices which are shown are our suggested retail price lists and trade discounts are confirmed separately in writing.

7. When will I receive my Username and Password?

Once you have registered your username and password will be emailed automatically. To register with Rosenstiels, please click 'Register' at the top of this page.

8. How does “My Portfolio” work?

While browsing the website, you can select the images you want to save by clicking the add to “My Portfolio” icon. At any stage you can click onto the My Portfolio section at the top to view the images you have selected. You can then download your image Portfolio as JPEGs or as a PDF. If you are logged in, you can directly order your Portfolio online. Multiple “Portfolios” can be created and saved.

9. How do I view My Portfolio PDF?

Please note that you need Adobe Reader to view your Portfolio PDF. Please click here to install the latest version of Adobe Reader.

10. Can our prints be dry mounted?

We recommend, wherever possible, using a cold lamination system. We suggest that you do not use dry mounting tissue, where the heat of the press will potentially cause some damage to the print. A safer option is to use dry mounting film, as this reduces the temperature of the press and thus substantially reduces the risk of possible damage.

Whenever mounting film is used, a maximum temperature for the press of 75 degrees Fahrenheit or below is preferable.

Coatings & Gels may affect the print surface. We always advise testing to clients on a small corner of a print, to ensure the proposed treatment is compatible with the prints. If our paper is not compatible with the preferred choice of coating or gel, we are happy to provide samples of alternative paper.

Finally, it is advised not to place giclées tight to glass. It is advisable to use a mount (mat) or some form of box framing to allow a small space between the giclée print and the glass. If glass has to be used tight to the image, then we recommend a diffused glass with the print to the rougher side of the glass. This can help prevent the well known ‘wet effect’ that can occur between the glass and the print.

11. As an artist or photographer how do I submit my artwork?

Rosenstiels carefully considers all artwork and photographic imagery sent to us with a view to possible publication. Please click here to visit our Artist Submissions page, where you will find all the useful information.

12. Any other questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. You can send us an email to sales@rosenstiels.com or call us by phone +44 (0)20 7352 3551 .

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