Be Inspired - Analogous Art - Indigo & Violet


Analogous colour schemes are only getting more popular, making their way into retail and likely becoming a major trend next year. These minimal and cohesive schemes are founded in colour theory, using colours next to each other on the colour wheel to create a luxurious and sophisticated space. As we come to the end of our October Analogous Art series, where we’ve taken a look at several of these analogous schemes, we are moving onto our final set: the purply pairing of indigo and violet.

Indigo can be a more contemporary deep blue shade than navy to create a cosier, warmer blue which is rich and indulgent but still kept light and fresh when accented with the vibrancies of violet. Analogous colour schemes are often found in nature, from deep juicy berries to stunning post-sunset skylines, streaked with rich purples; this sultry and versatile collection features moody and dramatic landscape-style prints and harmonious florals alike.

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