Be Inspired - Analogous Art - Pink & Red


Pairing ‘neighbours’ on the colour wheel, or ‘analogous’ colours, can be a contrasting yet cohesive way to create a daring and dramatic but surprisingly accessible colour scheme. As analogous interiors are ascending in popularity and will likely make their way into retail in 2024, we’re taking a look at ‘sister shades’ in our analogous art series. Throughout the month of October we’ll be picking perfect prints for four powerful pairings, this week moving onto the second colour combination: pink and red.

These punchy prints have combined pink and red with confidence to create a collection that is both vibrant and versatile. Featuring colour blocking that’s less ‘clash’, more ‘chic’, elegant and sophisticated spins on abstracts, as well as more traditionally feminine florals and figuratives. Full of rich and complex textures, these analogous artworks are beautifully balanced to be more striking than saccharine. Whether you’re looking for a colour scheme that is luxurious and opulent or eyecatching and whimsical, this compelling collection can create a casual yet fun atmosphere in any space.

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