Be Inspired - Analogous Art - Yellow & Orange


Using colours that are directly next to each other on the colour wheel is a surprisingly simple way to create vibrant spaces that are just as luxurious and cosy as they are bright and bold. These ‘analogous’ colour schemes are creeping their way into retail and will likely become a major trend during 2024. As part of our analogous art series, we’re curating some perfect prints featuring these cohesive couples throughout the month of October, now taking a look at the tangy and rich pairing of orange and yellow.

Whether used as a focal point or accent colour, add some warmth and brightness to any room with these refreshing orange and yellow prints. Full of attention grabbing hues, featuring sun-baked and spiced mustard and terracotta tones as well as zesty and juicy citrus brights. Add a splash of colour, from fiery, autumnal sunset shades to sunny, springy, happy hues. From cheery colour blocking to sunshiney still lifes, these positive prints can remind you of sunnier climes or retro times.

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