Be Inspired - Ancient Ages


With such iconic and elegant features, it is no surprise that, once again, styles and motifs of ancient ages have had a resurgence in popularity. Appreciating and recreating the art of ages long past, from ancient Greece and Rome to Egypt, has long been a source of artistic inspiration; the Renaissance, for example, was a period tied intrinsically to the rebirth of classical motifs in art which produced some of the most famed and beloved works ever created.

This assortment of art influenced by ancient ages features some of the most beautiful and iconic ancient structures, from Architectural motifs like the Egyptian Djed pillar and Ionic, Doric and Corinthian columns and classic patterns like Greek key, mosaic, and meander as well as photography of iconic landmarks and classical creations, from Sphinx to statues, Pyramid to Parthenon. Ancient ages are a time associated with worship and obeisance, ritual and honour, communing and communicating with Gods. This collection features both Homeric tales and hieroglyphs, mythos and motifs, from amphoras to ankhs and including Odyssean tales and heroic feats alongside ancient symbols like the Hekha and Nekhakha.

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