Artist in Focus - Andreas Stridsberg

Andreas Stridsberg was born in Sweden in 1975 and he still lives in the same village in which he grew up, building a new house hidden in the forest for himself and his 3 young children. His photographic skills are entirely self-taught. In his photographic career, he is inspired by every aspect of life; something he sees on the TV, in a magazine, whilst out on his runs or whilst admiring beautiful landscapes.

When he first began to take photographs, he used to like to manipulate his images with Photoshop, but as he has become busier and busier he now uses Photoshop less and less and applies instead his knowledge and experience in the different techniques of photography to produce different styles of result. By getting this knowledge, he has come to learn that there is nothing more fun or rewarding than getting that perfect shot straight away, without having to apply any digital magic to it.


What do you want people to think or feel when they see your work?

My favourite “thing” to photograph is nature. Be it pure landscapes or natural elements such as flowers or wildlife. If I were to want people to think or feel something when looking at my photos it´s probably that they too can appreciate nature as I do and maybe start respecting it a bit more. The general abuse of this planet of ours terrifies me to be honest. Many of the forests i have photographed has since been devasted for example. Remote, serene locations has been developed.

How did you learn your craft?

I picked up photography by accident really. I was actually at the time obsessed with learning 3D modelling and only started photographing as a means to make textures for my humble 3D creations. It was then I discovered Photoshop and I got so hooked. I abandoned my 3D software for this wonderful photo editing software. And began photographing mainly to get material to edit. Once i got better at photography however, my goal became to need Photoshop less.

What piece of equipment do you use the most?

For landscapes I prefer to use either my Nikon Z2II or my Nikon D800E with a wide angle lens: 17-35mm. Or a fixed 50mm lens for panoramas.

Who have been your biggest influences in your career? Artist or otherwise?

Even though my trade is still biggest influencers are not other photographers. I have always loved the vision of film makers Tim Burton and Zack Snyder for example. And Tolkien’s and J.K Rowling’s fantasy worlds never cease to amaze me.

Have you always been creative? And is there a particular moment you realised you were?

I have always been one that needs to “create” something. When I was like 5-6 years old I got an old typewriter and immediately started to write my own fantasy novels. And I’ve always loved to draw....doodles mind you, since I’m definitely not talented at it. During classes in school I got recruited to write my classmates names in graffiti style. And just recently I decided I wanted to learn how to play the piano....not very successfully yet however....

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