Series Spotlight - Artist in a Frozen World


Herbert George Ponting, FRGS  accompanied Scott`s Terra Nova Expedition to the Ross Sea and South Pole during the years 1910-1930. During that historic expedition he captured some of the most remarkable images of the heroic age of polar exploration. 

Although Ponting was the first professional photographer to venture to the Antarctic he was able to adapt his bulky and heavy equipment to the most challenging of conditions.  Being a true adventurer he was a man prepared for all eventualities and took with him: portable darkroom equipment, photographic chemicals, fragile glass negatives, print paper, and even two cinematograph cameras to capture short films. 

Ponting’s meticulous and pioneering approach to photography produced work of great distinction and atmosphere and is an enduring record of these pioneering expeditions and the brave men who explored the savage beauty of this frozen world.

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