Be Inspired - At The Races


As the first British Classic Races of the season are coming up, join us at the races and bask in the exhilarating buzz of one of the largest and longest established spectator sports in the UK. There is a rich history of horses in artwork, from military art to pastoral, and artists have long been fascinated by the muscular complexity and noble nature of horses. The Impressionist and Romantic movements of the late eighteenth and nineteenth century coincided with the increasing popularity of horseracing in France and the foundation of the British Classic Races.

This collection features every exciting moment of the races, from portraits of prized horses to parading around the paddock to the finish line, from Newmarket to Longchamp. With some of the most iconic names and portraits, including Stubbs and Munnings and more modern equestrian artists like Susan Crawford, witness all the wonder of the races, from the eighteenth century to today.

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