Series Spotlight - Boshier, Monteavaro & Curtis - A Limited Edition Collection


Three different artists from three different backgrounds have, despite their different roots, created interesting pieces of art based on similar principles. These Limited Edition prints all share a graphic and striking simplicity to create art that is both timeless and fresh. These are all artworks of fusion and subversion, all pulling from pop culture and fusing the views and art styles of the modern and the classic.

This is particularly evident in Joe Curtis’ retrospective views of dating using classic 50s postage stamps. First painting during the pandemic, Curtis uses this fusion of old and new to inspect the changing role of technology in relationships, discovering how some things change and some stay the same. Derek Boshier, an iconic face of British pop art, has also created stamp-like profiles that fuse high and low cultures in his works to create subversive art with a sense of humour.

Painting both murals and traditional artwork, American-born Dan Monteavaro has been greatly influenced by his upbringing in the urban landscape of New York and the wildly imaginative graffiti art of the 80s around him. He, like Boshier, uses opposing and often recognisable images, geometric shapes and colour gradients to create a new and fresh dialogue.

These artists with such different roots have each created works with similar principles and styles that are nonetheless deeply impacted by the different backgrounds and environments they grew up in.


Derek Boshier

Derek Boshier (born 1937, Portsmouth UK) now lives in Los Angeles is a British painter, sculptor, filmmaker, print maker, photographer and installation artist. He graduated from the Royal College of Art London in 1962 along with Allen Jones, David Hockney and Peter Phillips.  Boshier in 1962 with Peter Blake, Peter Phillips and Pauline Boty appeared in Ken Russell's documentary film "Pop Goes the Easel".

He has had over 90 solo exhibitions which have included with the Robert Fraser Gallery London, Garth Greenan New York, Gazelli Art House London, Galerie Bichofsberger Zurich, Hayward Gallery London, Whitechapel Gallery London, Marconi Gallery Milan, Palace of Culture Warsaw Poland, Museum of Contemporary Art Łódź Poland, Contemporary Art Museum Houston Texas, and the National Portrait Gallery London.

His work is held in notable public collections world wide including the Tate Gallery of British Art, Victoria and Albert Museum, Museum of Modern Art New York, Collection of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2nd Windsor Castle, National Gallery of Scotland Edinburgh, Dallas Museum of Art, Museum of Fine Art Houston, New Orleans Museum of Art, Yale Centre for British Art, The Menil Collection Houston, and Centro Wilfredo Lam Cuba.


Dan Monteavaro

Deftly jumping between public murals and traditional painting, Puerto Rican-American artist Dan Monteavaro, aka Moncho 1929, is increasingly known for his wildly imaginative works. Born in the South Bronx, Monteavaro watched the NYC graffiti scene explode during his formative years, an experience that would shape his future use of movement and self-expression. 

“Motion, and the suggestion of motion, are first and foremost,” Monteavaro has said. With its emphasis on movement and color, the artist’s work focuses on recreating the visceral excitement he felt upon discovering city murals for the first time. Monteavaro’s public works rely on easily appreciable geometric shapes and color gradients, while his paintings combine opposing images that create new dialog from disparate threads of cultural thought. Today, Monteavaro’s work can be found in multiple city, corporate, and private collections. Most recently, his work became part of The Figge Museum’s permanent collection, The Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art and was included in the juried BP Portrait Awards for The National Portrait Gallery. Dan Monteavaro currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.


Joe Curtis

Joe Curtis is a self-taught artist best known for his retrospective views of dating portrayed through 1950s stamps. His debut solo exhibition ‘The Good Old Dates’ in Soho, London sold out within 48 hours and his work is owned by private collectors.

Before he began to paint, Joe was in advertising. When the pandemic hit, he decided to change his career focus to painting. He moved to Athens, where he embedded himself within the local art community and exhibited for the first time. This was to be the start of an incredible journey.


This new series of limited editions, are printed on Hahnemuhle paper using our exclusive Gouttelette® process; These are of exceptional quality with remarkable colour saturation and continuous tonal characteristics. Each edition is hand numbered, stamped and accompanied by a certificate signed by the artists. 

Derek Boshier - Edition 60.
Dan Monteavaro - Edition 75.
Joe Curtis - Edition 250.

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