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There has been a recent dramatic increase in owning four-legged friends, with over 3.2 million UK homes getting a pooch pal in the year after March 2020’s lockdown and similarly in the USA, dog ownership has risen to 69 million households. Spending time with dogs is proven to be good for both physical and mental health, encouraging exercise and building stronger immune systems as well as being a calming and mood-boosting influence. It’s so easy to create strong emotional bonds with your pup that dogs often become furry members of the family. 

Dogs have been featured in art as far back as Ancient Egypt, often as symbols of fidelity, protection, wealth and unconditional love. This collection full of waggly tails and wet noses is perfect for families with canine companions and aspiring pet parents alike. Featuring sketches of snoozing lapdogs and dynamic portraits of energetic working breeds, admire their adventurous antics with this cute collection.

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