With gloomy weather and shorter days, wintertime is likely to reignite that travel bug inside you. It’s the time of year we’re all craving long days starting with fresh pastries and coffee on the balcony, driving with the roof down, sipping drinks at sunset and dinner on the beach. A time of slow afternoons with no responsibilities, full of rest and relaxation as well as travel and exploration. Full of whimsy and the sun-filled escapism of holidays, this look book is reminiscent of sunnier climes and happier times. 

Including breezy and beautiful photography reminiscent of the Riviera and other iconic holiday destinations alongside seashells and sails full of wind, dewdrops on waxy leaves and wavy seas, this fresh look book has a wide variety of prints perfect for preserving that summer feeling. Whether whimsical illustrations or Impressionistic seascapes, this look book includes plenty of ocean blues and coastal views to bring on the vacation vibes. The vintage posters and kitschy prints add a sunshiny sense of nostalgia for romantic and relaxing retro times without being dated. Featuring bold botanical patterns and vibrant florals, this cheerful collection of prints also includes a playful and fresh take on the tropical trend that’s currently on the rise. 

Satisfy your desire for fun, distraction, and warmth with this holiday look book that balances that freeing sense of unrestrained adventure and exploration with the languid feeling of basking in warm sunshine.

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