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First hosted in 1862, at the time called the Great Spring Show and hosted in Kensington, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show is held for five days in May every year and has become one of London’s most fashionable events. Held in the Royal Hospital Chelsea, close by to Rosenstiels, since 1912, it has steadily grown to be attended by 157,000 people each year, including members of the British Royal Family. Featuring sylvan spectacles such as gardens suspended in the air, 300,000 crocheted poppies, or a garden made entirely out of plasticine, the Chelsea Flower Show also predicts horticultural trends, whether introducing new plants or repopularising older varieties.


With best-dressed guest lists and fashion houses frequently participating in the show, from greenhouse themed handbags to pop-up cocktail gardens in-store to personalised perfumes, the Chelsea Flower Show is truly where flowers meet fashion. Full of blooms, buds and bouquets, these pretty prints pay homage to this iconic early summer event. Featuring fashionable and feminine figures framed by florals alongside verdant photography of detailed close-up views. From Impressionistic portraits of an abundance of meadow wildflowers to strategically set-up vase arrangements, these stylish artworks truly encapsulate wide variety of beauty springing up this season.

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