Be Inspired - Chocolate Brown


Beyond the age of pared back, bland neutrals and stark bare minimalism, this new neutral is comforting and warm, rich, and velvety and never muddy. This chocolatey colour is perfectly placed into plenty of pre-existing palettes from whites and beiges, reminiscent of simple swirls of vanilla and milk, to organic and natural earthy tones, to a balanced base for contrasting brights in more maximalist styles. 

Featuring sketchy abstracts, pretty photography, and inky Impressionism, this varied collection places this versatile colour at its very core. Timeless and tempting, this saturated shade is suited to both cosy simplicity and sophisticated chic. From creamy caramel colours to a shocking shot of espresso, these prints are reminiscent of both a steamy smooth mug of cocoa and rocky and rough terrains. 

Luxurious and yet still grounded, indulge yourself in this delectable collection. 

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