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It’s the age of artfully cultivated clutter, of Cottagecore, Grandmillennial and Granny Chic, so say bye bye to bland beige blocks of colour and cold corporate minimalism and welcome whimsy into your life with this charming chintz collection. Chintz has come in and out of popularity since its creation in the 1600s and it was so popular in the seventeenth century it was banned in the United Kingdom and France in an attempt to protect their own mills until they could figure out how to produce it. This pretty pattern is once again having a revival but with a contemporary twist; this collection is floral-filled without the fussy frills. 

From wallpaper and upholstery-like patterns full of dainty details to freestanding florals, vases and bountiful bouquets, this collection is full of beautiful botany. Bring the outdoors in with this lush collection, whether you want understated and muted or bold bright blossoms. From bud to bloom, cheer up any room with these chic chintz prints. 

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