What is more mesmerising and enchanting than the sea? More grounding than the roll of the waves as they ebb and flow and more gentle than the sounds of the shore? Where brings more joy than charming coastal towns or more peace than boundless beaches?

Let us take you there.

Rosenstiels proudly presents a body of work that offers a myriad of art to suit all tastes and spaces, from the abstract to the traditional, from vintage posters to fine art paintings, from tropical beaches to old-world coastal towns, there is a sea-inspired delight for everyone.

Enjoy images of glee as children play on the beach and inquisitive illustrations of creatures that call it home. Escape to traditional landscapes that stretch from sand to sea or to quaint paintings of boats moored, ready for their next adventure. With a calming palette of blues and greys to summon the feelings of the coast, and a multitude of creative styles and techniques, we are confident in both the variety and pleasure each piece brings.

So dip a toe or dive right in and explore our latest Look Book with its striking collection of art all inspired by the ever-elusive and alluring coast.

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