Be Inspired - Coastal Cowgirl


Starting out as a fashion trend on Tik Tok, the Coastal Cowgirl style featured Western wear and beachy pieces combined to create an effortlessly easy and ‘cool girl’ classic aesthetic. It is considered a youthful version of the ‘Coastal Grandmother’ trend, being breezy and balanced but more easy-going and eclectic. Coastal Cowgirl balances feminine features and rustic details, giving the vibe of a laidback coastal life with some practical rancher flair.

Featuring a neutral palette full of natural materials, the Coastal Cowgirl aesthetic is still texture rich, layering tones for dimension and adding dramatic touches of the countryside, including pops of colour like turquoise and ochre. Balancing structured styles with floaty flairs, this versatile style suits both maximalist and minimalist sensibilities, to make any room, cosy, inviting, and effortlessly cool.

As both Western and Coastal style regularly have resurgences in popularity in many forms and iterations, the fantastic fusion of these two classic styles were inevitable.

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