Series Spotlight - Deborah Azzopardi - The Curious Collection


Deborah Azzopardi has had an almost four-decade long career of creating inviting and iconic Pop Art, she has even been called the UK’s answer to Roy Lichtenstein. Although Pop Art is known for its flat cartoon-like imagery, her artworks are anything but flat; they are joyful and colourful, referential and relatable. There is no wider deep philosophical subtext to her works, just snapshots into snippets of a more colourful, simpler life.

Her fashionable red-lipsticked ladies exude mischief and flirtation, often taking advantage of the comic-like genre, Azzopardi’s prints are sensory and sensual. She has already achieved worldwide recognition for one of her works ‘Sshh’, which even makes a hidden appearance in one of these new limited-edition prints.


This new series of limited editions, are printed on Hahnemuhle paper using our exclusive Gouttelette® process; These are of exceptional quality with remarkable colour saturation and continuous tonal characteristics. Each edition is hand numbered, stamped and accompanied by a certificate signed by Deborah Azzopardi herself. 


He Loves Me...
The title tells the whole story and leaves the viewer to wonder what the ultimate result would turn out to be. Will the lady be disappointed if the answer is that he loves her not or will she be pleased if the ultimate answer is he loves her.


Forward Thinking
This is my visual interpretation of a true story, told to me by a friend.  A blind date between my friend and their date, had been arranged at a restaurant. Just before leaving home to meet, a phone call was received and the caller asked….'Shall I bring my toothbrush'?  Your place or mine, had not been discussed. Forward thinking!


Private View - Focus
This is a mischievous glance through a keyhole, observing a close and personal moment. Asking permission to look would have taken away the magic.  This is one of a series of pictures produced by Deborah and as she says, we are looking and we shouldn’t! We have not been invited and the view is certainly not open to the public. How long will we be able to continue watching and will we ever meet the subject.


Creating glamour and mystery with a natural smile that exudes confidence.  Her eyes are hidden from view with dark glasses avoiding eye contact, until she is curious enough to remove them.


These are two distinct works that are connected by the image in the reflection of the lens.  When looking at art, we have the opportunity of self-discovery that allows us to learn and grow. We can take notice of how art makes us feel and it may help to put life into perspective, perhaps giving thought for the future.

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