Be Inspired - Dromomania


Dromomania was, historically, a psychiatric diagnosis where sufferers would be in a kind of travelling fugue, they would aimless wander without a destination in mind, nor the awareness that they were even travelling. Nowadays its use is far less serious and more aspirational, describing the insatiable desire to travel, a kind of wanderlust. Travelling can offer a break from routine, personal growth, exposure to other cultures and ways of life, and adventure.

These stunning and inspiring images take you to the thunder and churn of rushing water, the miles of road stretching out languidly in front of you. This striking collection of wanderlust wonders features brighter colours, greener pastures, and wider skies all full of new places, new experiences, and new cultures. These breathtaking views and lovely landscapes can broaden your horizons, regardless of whether you can roam or if you’re stuck at home. 

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