Be Inspired - Earth Tones


Full of warm terracottas and clays, woody browns, rusty burnt oranges, bricks and rusts, this down to earth and grounded collection is both homely and lively. Universally complimentary and timeless but still uniquely bold and characterful, these earthy tones and patterns are full of personality and elegance. With an artisanal palette, rustic abstracts and textile-like patterns this collection is full of honest and unpretentious minimalism, uncontrived and vibrant in its organic simplicity. 

Although this collection is earthy it is still rich, varied and balanced. Including sun-baked summery scenery and cool crisp autumnal abstracts, from gentle inky washes to structured geometric shapes. With textile patterns reminiscent of indigenous art like aboriginal dot paintings and free-spirited florals this salt of the earth collection is for everyone, whether you want simple or statement. 

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