Series Spotlight - Ellen Levine Dodd


Ellen Levine Dodd grew up in a small New England beach town near Boston, Massachusetts. She has been doing artwork all her life. Starting with art lessons after school to university degrees in painting, photography, and paper making, she has had an eclectic and wide-ranging education in art, studying with many well known painters, photographers, and digital printers. Her extensive travel through out the United States, Europe and the Middle East has had a strong influence on her art. Ellen has lived in the San Francisco Bay area since the 1970’s, after moving from New Mexico, where she lived after leaving art school in New England.

Ellen developed and launched Bradford Gallery located in San Anselmo California where she worked as gallery director and curator. The gallery specialised in representing and showing landscape and plein-air artists. Currently as an independent curator she has curated “Colour Play 1”, “Colour Play 2”, and the “Modern Landscape” at the Danville Village Theatre Art Gallery.

Ellen works full time as a professional painter, photographer, printer and art teacher and mentor in her studio in downtown Novato, California. She has worked in leather, paper making, wood, photography, printmaking, drawing and painting.

Her work is boldly coloured and richly textured, with multiple layers, scratched, sanded, carved into and drawn onto. Her vision is emotional, expressionistic, and positive; with brightly coloured gestural brushwork, a strong sense of story and symbolism, and a passionate reference to the preservation of the landscape.

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