Be Inspired - Exotica


Explore these verdant and tropical-inspired prints that are just as fun as they are full of flora and fauna. In an age where beautiful plants and creatures so often are at the threat of extinction, these awe-inspiring prints remind us of places of natural beauty that are easily lost. Exotica is another take on biophilic design with a colourful collection full of fun and fresh prints that are still reminiscent of waxy leaves and sticky heat.

Admire the fantastic and unfamiliar but nonetheless elegant and refined with this dense and rich artwork featuring plenty of natural neutrals alongside green spaces. Full of lush landscapes and flourishing foliage, botanical beauty and wonderful wildlife, step into this vibrant paradise, featuring a wide range of styles from scientific studies to picturesque photography to awe-inspiring abstracts.

Experience all the exotic beauty of the rainforest, without the humidity.

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