Series Spotlight - Fabulous Fireworks

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Fireworks have been used for centuries across the globe and have become intrinsically linked to celebration, joy, and the bringing together of communities. Fireworks are used for an assortment of celebrations, whether commemorating independence or the birth of a nation, such as July 4th, Canada Day or Bastille Day, or for cultural festivities such as Diwali, Japan’s Sumidagawa or the UK’s Bonfire Night or even all over the world to ring in the New Year.

These engaging and mesmerising displays of light, colour, and sound bring so much awe and wonder that we have created this celebratory collection of pyrotechnic prints to feel all the joy and fun of fireworks any time of year. These dynamic prints feature mandala-like geometric spirals, streaks, and swirls all contrasted against the dark sky. These constellations of coloured lights streaking across the night perfectly encapsulate the exhilarating thrill of actually watching the sizzle, bang, and pop of fireworks on the horizon.

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