Series Spotlight - Final Frontier


The first few images taken by the James Webb Space Telescope have been released including the most detailed view of the early universe to date. In the short but rich history of space photography, images of the cosmos have always been sublime, depicting awe-inspiring beauty and power beyond comprehension. 

The idea of infinite space as a final frontier is somewhat oxymoronic, but excellently encapsulates how we view the universe; all that ever was and all that ever will be lays out there, containing all of history and all of the future, sometimes just beyond reach and each technological advancement brings us one step closer to the unending ever-stretching realms of what sits just around us and the millions of things out there waiting to be discovered. 

This celestial collection contains breathtaking blues and dark hues, fiery reds and bright white heat, rippling clouds of dust and glittering lights, seas of stars and hope for habitable planets. Magnificent moments of iconic history like the Apollo missions still in the forefront of many’s memories. These phenomenal views of otherworldly beauty (literally) can cause the ‘overview effect’ - a sentimental desire to care for and love Earth. How wonderful that space photography can make us feel more connected to the home we can now travel so far away from! 

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