Be Inspired - Floral Flourish


"I must have flowers, always, and always." - Claude Monet

Floral Flourish is an outright celebration of the beauty and resilience that flowers represent.  Bringing hope, cheer or calm to a space, rarely can you look at flowers and not feel uplifted.

Aside from their beauty, flowers are deeply symbolic; the Iris, named accordingly after the Greek God symbolises faith, hope and wisdom.  Tulips, perfect love, Daffodils, new beginnings and Peonies, prosperity.  Whilst the Hydrangea symbolises gratitude, the Sunflower, with its big, cheerful head can only mean happiness!

Filled with variety this Collection offers vintage botanical posters, painterly gardens, wildflower meadows and floral inspired type.  Every piece is truly adaptable, teaming perfectly with an array of other artwork, a collection of floral prints or purely as a singular piece, brightening a room and bringing the fresh outdoors in.   

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