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Birds are important parts of cultures all over the world; they are omens, messengers and deities, they are the subjects of symbolism and stories, legends and literature, and they have a long and rich history in art. Birds in art have had many purposes across history, from displays of wealth to ornithological studies, to environmental activism. Purpose aside, these fascinating feathered friends, from the familiar to the exotic, are often included in art simply because they are awe-inspiring and astounding as they soar, glide, and dive.

This collection captures both the feathers and the feelings, from biological studies to expressive spirits, including works from some of the best known naturalists, ornithologists and wildlife photographers from across the globe. Featuring traditional artwork created in and inspired by Dutch Golden Age, such as the works of d’Hondecoeter and Cradock as well as the biologically accurate, from Tunnicliffe’s illustrations to Audubon’s Birds of America portraits. This freeing collection also includes a variety of styles, from chinoiserie and Edo styles to modern graphic prints.

Spread your wings and soar with this varied and diverse collection. 

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