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At the 1905 Paris Salon d’Automne, renowned art critic Louis Vauxcelles deemed some bright, bold and emotive paintings there the workings of ‘wild beasts’, or ‘les fauves’. Although this commentary about the works of Henri Matisse, Kees Van Dongen and Charles Camoin, amongst others, was intended to be pejorative, it stuck, and so the Fauvism movement was titled. One of the first avant garde movements of the 20th Century, Fauvism is characterised by its strong colours and energetic brushstrokes. Although it is still fundamentally representative, the intense and often acidic colours used in Fauvist art are unnatural and expressive, liberated from realistic depiction to convey meaning.

Although the subject matter is often traditional, including portraits, nudes, landscapes, interiors and still lifes, the visual impact of the colour is the most meaningful factor and this vivid collection features the wide range of energetic Fauvism, from the sensuous to the carefree, from the striking to the garish. Fauvism was transitional for many of the artists involved, a stepping stone for artistic growth, making it key to the evolution of abstraction and the avant garde in Modernist art.

Brighten up any space with this bold and colourful collection.  

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