Be Inspired - Folk Story


Folk art is a love-filled cumulation of community; simple and decorative, it is authentically free-spirited. For everyone bored of muted minimalism this collection is a fresh take on folk art, perfect for maximalist mixing and cultivating a characterful and whimsical space. A fun and eclectic fusion of traditional elements and vivid colours, creating punchy patterns and dynamic designs, this collection is full of personality and expression. 

Pulling in traditional folk motifs, like the natural world and the animal kingdom, this homely and comforting collection balances folksy and fresher features, including embroidery and woven textile-like patterns, from scrolling botanicals in earthy brights to mesmerisingly repetitive geometric tiles. Featuring florals with the crafty and unpolished charm of cutouts and the relaxed carefree nature of watercolours, this collection is uncontrived in its beauty.

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