Be Inspired - Free Spirit


Free spirits are unabashedly uninhibited, confidently cool and carefree, from the joyful explorers to the liberated nonconformists. With an authentic appreciation and joie de vivre, free spirits can deeply treasure all they encounter as they explore and experience the world. There is an openness to this collection, with minimalistic moments and complex, culture-rich details, this art is evocative of experiences to both aspire to and lovingly look back on. 

This collection is full of powerful portraits and motivational mantras, tribal textures and abstract labyrinthine patterns to explore. Including an earthy colour palette and grounded subject matters, with pots, palms and pineapples, this bohemian collection is expressively sincere. For the committed nomads and the curious explorers this simplistically soulful collection is daringly abundant in colour and texture, culture and personality. 

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