Be Inspired - Green Bee


London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 22 saw an emergence of bold statement colours. One being the striking ‘Green Bee’ which is currently dominating in retail.  It is thought that its popularity is linked to the ‘heartening’, ‘pragmatic’, and ‘inspiring’ feelings that it provokes, along with how this tone from the natural environment can awaken creativity. Green Bee in particular is a bright grassy green which is rich in depth and elegance and reminiscent of an agapostemon which are, well, green bees!  Now filtering into home décor, it is predicted this will be the must-have colour throughout 2022 and well into 2023.

There is a wide variety of artwork which feature this rich and bold colour. Staying true to the Green Bee’s inspiration this collection includes plenty of art with natural subjects, from grassy green landscapes, to tropical birds, to potted plants. It is impossible ignore the fashion forward nature of Green Bee so it is no surprise that this collection features plenty of bright portraiture of fashionable people. It also includes striking abstract pieces with analogous teal colours for a fluid and fresh piece, complementary garnet pinks and reds for standout pieces, and even neutral blacks and whites to make Green Bee the true star of the show. 

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