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Horses have featured in art since the earliest man-made images, having been found in the 17,000-year-old Lascaux cave paintings. These equine subjects have sustained in popularity throughout time, being featured in some of the most famous paintings in the world, from Stubbs’ Whistlejacket to Franz Marc’s Blue Horse I. In the nineteenth century Eadweard Muybridge’s studies of motion, using the still-new technology of photography, revolutionised how artist’s saw and depicted a horse’s gait and movement, even becoming the bridge between photography and movies.

From pulling chariots in ancient worlds to forming cavalry, to being used as a prop to elevate the status of sitters in portraits, horses have featured in art in an assortment of occupations. Unsurprisingly, therefore, horses have had different roles in more modern art as their role has become less prevalent in the advent of technology. In the seventeenth century horses became more common as the focal point of the art, rather than a display of function or context. Muscular, with a soft coat, a fluid mane and tail, and an incomparable dynamism, horses became one of the perfect subjects to show off an artist’s technical skill.

Including dramatic photography and stunning statuesque sketches, vintage posters and abstract art, this captivating collection includes a wide variety of equine art. From racing to hunting to grazing, these majestic and striking prints document the persisting passion of depicting horses through times and styles and contexts.

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