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Our relationship with Home has changed drastically in recent years. Home became a hub for work and school and hobbies but it also needed to remain a sanctuary, a haven, an escape. More than ever we value Home as a respite, a place to reset and recharge and reconnect. Whether you think of hands clasped around a steaming mug, the squish and give of the perfect pillow, a favourite scent, or loved ones crowded together for a photo, everyone has their home comforts, what makes a home feel like a home. 

This collection features a colour palette inspired by heart and hearth, feelings of hygge and home comforts. This peaceful palette includes natural tones like teak and light clay and complementary colours like cedar pink and celadon which harmonises with delicate textures, blurry lines and soft edges to help cultivate a Home that is the perfect place to unwind; a place that’s yours, a place to just be.

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