Be Inspired - Icy Blue


Reminiscent of a frozen sheen on a frosty morning or crisp clear winter skies, the almost minty coolness of seeing your own breath linger in the air and the sharp but sweet sting of rosy cheeks on a chilly morning, icy blue is a light, airy, and sophisticated hue that can seamlessly slip into several styles and aesthetics, from sleek minimalism, to Scandi, to coastal, to more modern contemporary or eclectic maximalist aesthetics.

A versatile cool toned blue, these icy hues could be used as a new neutral, a base for brights to contrast against it or as a standalone statement style. With an almost glazed paleness to them, this chilly collection features feminine florals alongside calming coastals and striking abstracts. Having the potential to be calming, dreamy, natural and ethereal as well as dynamic, sharp and bold, these frosty blue prints feel like the very best parts of a bitingly cold day.

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