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Where we live and how we occupy our space can offer an interesting insight into the self. Painting interiors in art, or Zimmerbild, began in Europe near the end of the seventeenth century and became particularly popular in the second half of the nineteenth century. These were carefully and intricately detailed portraits of living spaces and originally depicted the contents of galleries, libraries and curiosity collections. After architecture firms used paintings of interiors, the style became a fad amongst the wealthy in order to show off and the craze was spread throughout the Royal Families of Europe by Queen Victoria. Whether to show off, sell, or merely depict beautiful spaces, interiors in art can offer an intimate peek into private and personal lives. 

Whether simple and minimal kitchens or grandiose and elegant living rooms, this collection of interior artwork includes quiet and peaceful moments like reading under sunlight streaming in from windows or pets snoozing in patches of sunshine. Including finely detailed wallpapers and rich textiles from gauzy curtains to thick patterned carpets as well as striking still lifes with dramatic, posed, and detailed fruits or flowers. Full of elaborate details and interesting insights, these artistic interiors can make any interior more artistic!

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