Be Inspired - International Women's Day 2023


March 8th is International Women’s Day, a celebration which is over a century old, commemorating the achievements of women and bringing issues of gender and discrimination to the forefront. It is a time of both acknowledging what our predecessors have worked hard to achieve and also working hard ourselves to point out and close the gaps that still remain. In the past women were kept out of art schools and so are underrepresented in traditional art museums; today women make up the majority of art students but female artists are still underrepresented in modern art museums. A study by the Guerilla Girls pointed out that less than 5% of modern artists exhibiting at the Met were women but 85% of the nudes had female models.

Women’s space in art has, for too long, been more muse than maker and so, with this exclusively female artist collection, we want to celebrate their success through their empowering work.

Our artists and their work have a diverse range of stories and voices and use an equally wide range of media, both new and modern and classic and traditional, from graphic artists to photography to paintings.

We hope to highlight the talented female artists of past and present in order to nurture the careers of the future. 

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