The passing of one year to another is a time to move forward with a renewed and aspirational vision. During a year that has made us more present in our daily lives, where our priorities have shifted and we are no longer accepting of rapid fire social media and instant gratification, we have found a new normal: a focus on sustainability, wellbeing and inclusivity.

Intuition is a deep breath of fresh air approach to art. We have opened ourselves up to explore art and theme purely from a colour perspective. What colours, palettes and all their associated emotions will surround us as we move forward? How does colour make us think and feel, and ultimately how can we incorporate that into our daily lives for a more positive and proactive future?

The potential and possibility within these pages is inspiring and exhilarating. Join us as this year rolls into the next and let us begin 2021 with not just a new chapter, but a whole new book. A book that offers original and emotive art, in a variety of tones and shades, to suit every mood. 



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