Series Spotlight - Jason Jade

Throughout history, art has served as a creative and visual response to global challenges. Now, more than ever, artists are responding to the climate crisis through their work. They explore nature in their practice, advocate for climate action, and embrace innovative methods to reduce their environmental impact. One such artist is Jason Jade.

With a deep commitment to the environment, social harmony, and various scientific and engineering innovations, Jason has developed a unique artistic style. His focus is on ensuring the future survival of all societies within the natural world. In this context, his work is inspired by 'Mother Earth'. Jason hopes that everyone can see the ever-changing spirit recognisable in the endless colours, patterns, and textures that inhabit nature.

Explore Jason's collection, which offers an abstracted view of nature through his unique perspective, celebrating beauty and form in our environment. His visual language not only advocates for the survival of 'Mother Earth' but also raises awareness, inspires change, and promotes positive action.

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