Artist in Focus - Katrien Soeffers

Katrien Soeffers was born in 1977 in Hasselt, she moved to Antwerp to study free monumental art at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. After graduating in 2001, Katrien started the Post Graduate programme at College of Fine Arts and Design St. Joost Breda, Brabant University, the Nederlands.

Now she has her own studio and sells her work worldwide to companies who translate her drawings and prints into fabrics, t-shirts, scarfs, pillows, tableware and bed linen for their collections.

Katrien’s designs are first created on paper, they are born as drawings or painted elements.  Her work is feminine and fresh, with respect for tradition and vintage and a passion for colour. The lines are often naïve and direct, her main inspirations are floral and graphical elements.

How would you describe your art? 

I love to be spontaneous when I’m painting and drawing and the colours are always a
vital part of the design. They translate in a playful, maybe naïve look.

Do you have a favourite piece of yours? 

Flowers always make me happy, it is often a starting point.

Which artist or photographer inspires you?

Whenever I travel I try to do some exhibitions, but I can go from paintings to textile art…pottery.  I always love the fun factor in art or the romance in works…and the use of colour.  I’m very fond of art from the 1900s – 1920s Expressionists / Fauvists …or later the works from Serge Poliakoff and Marc Rothko. I also love the video works and pictures from David Claerbout or Cindy Sherman.

What helps you focus?

When I’m stuck, I go out for a walk around the block…or in the park when I have more time.  Music always helps….I like to switch form the radio to playlists, If I need to work late on a project, I often turn to 80’s nostalgic tunes to keep me going.

What are you working on during this prolonged time spent at home?

After working for a long time on bespoke projects, I was wishing to have some time to work on a new collection, or just do nothing to give myself some room for new ideas. I never had thought to do that under these circumstances. I started with cleaning my house to have fresh new thoughts.  I’m just happy that it's spring, nature is so inspiring right now. I took so many pictures the past days, of plants and flowers to draw.

What was your happiest moment over the last week?

An early morning walk, the city is so quiet, so strange it has something magic.  Also, the fresh flowers on my table. 

What are you most looking forward to once the lockdown has been lifted?

Hugging my mom and friends. Going for drinks or dinner, laughs and some fun.

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