Be Inspired - Lavender Infusion

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While lavender is currently enjoying a well-deserved moment in art, design, and interiors, the colour purple has always held a significant place in the art world. Monet famously exclaimed: “I have finally discovered the true colour of the atmosphere. It is violet. The open air is violet. I found it!” And it is well known that the Impressionists loved to experiment with different tones and hues of purple, capturing the fleeting moments of water and light. However, before Impressionism fell in love with purples, lavender was a colour reserved only for the wealthiest in society. It wasn’t until 1856, with the invention of a synthetic dye, that lavender became more commonplace in fashion and interiors.

Lavender is a versatile colour that partners well with others. Pair it with pinks and blues as part of an analogous colour scheme or combine it with greens and oranges for a lively yet balanced triadic palette. Explore our latest collection that celebrates this softer side of purple. This curation unites a variety of contemporary pieces that exude the calmness, serenity, and tranquillity of the tone. From florals to abstracts, illustrations to photography, this selection is joyous, graceful, and soothing.

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