Series Spotlight - Lesley Dabson - A Limited Edition Collection


This Limited Edition collection, with only 100 copies of each image printed, is a terrific tour of the little hotspots of magic found all over London. Lesley Dabson goes out with paints in hand to find eye catching locations or takes photographs of the irresistibly bright, bold and beautiful storefronts she stumbles across for later painting.  She paints beyond the monotony of busy city life, spotting small intimate moments, trendy and chic locales, and charmingly eclectic stalwarts full of history and spirit. Lesley Dabson’s London is uniquely nostalgic and forward-thinking. She has painted both where London has stayed the same and as the city changes around her with equal beauty and admiration. 


These picturesque prints of iconic attractions and local heroes measure 14x14”, supplied unframed.  Printed on Hahnemuhle paper and using our exclusive Gouttelette® process; these Limited Editions are of exceptional quality with remarkable colour saturation and continuous tonal characteristics. Each edition is hand numbered and accompanied by a certificate signed by the artist.


“I live in London & every day I’m captivated by city life & the scenes I see. Small vignettes played out all around in high streets & on secluded corners.”

“I feel it’s special to be able to stand & observe, to hear surrounding sounds & feel the sun, wind or rain as I work in the moment. Often people engage in conversation & want to see what I’m painting. I hear stories from locals, often fascinating facts about the area I’m visiting. People share stories about the shops I’m painting, what they might have been before or how the area has changed. I love my city & feel deeply connected to it when I paint it.” - Lesley Dabson 

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