Be Inspired - Light and Shadow


The depiction of light and shadow in art and how they are balanced and interconnected is incredibly important both in appearance and in narrative. It is key both to realism and creating depth, dimension and perspective and also to inform about time and place, from hazy mornings to bright sun-soaked afternoons. Chiaroscuro is often used to portray ambiance, creating bold contrasts to invoke a dramatic and moody atmosphere or even to create a warm and inviting tone to artwork.

This charming and enchanting collection features the harmonious interplay of light and shadow, from black and white photography of light streaming in through open air to bright and fresh colours, altered and affected with illumination. It balances harsh streaks and stripes slicing through the shadow and softly diffused sunrays spreading and shimmering. Appreciate the variable beauty of light and shadow, how they are able to be both rigid, angular, architectural, and structured and  also warped, bent, and stretched, manipulated by transparent glass and translucent fabrics. 

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