Be Inspired - Line and Shape


Line and shape are two of the seven core elements of art, critical building blocks to creating works of art. This collection is an ode to the multitudinous beauty of the interplay, connection, and separation of two of the most basic and fundamental facets of art which are so often taken for granted.

This collection shows the wide variety of style and elegance that even the simplest of elements can create; from the organic to the rigid, with fluidly formless paintings and photographs of urban geometry, featuring both sharp lines and gentle curvature. With calming carefree brushstrokes and energetic cut-out-like collages, this collection is expressive despite its simplicity. Balancing the minimal and the busy, the vibrant and the muted, unassuming line and shape can truly be used to create diverse and rich works of art.

This is art at its most simplistically beautiful.

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