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Literature can provide great joy, ignite our imagination and create unforgettable characters. From Elizabeth Bennett to Jay Gatsby, and Alice in Wonderland to Sherlock Holmes we have been endlessly enchanted by their tales on paper. And now these classics are evolving from the pages of much-loved books to the forefront of our belongings.

Litcore is the growing trend of literature inspired product with book quotes, titles, characters, and authors all making an appearance. It is a celebration of culture and arts in the modern day: on our clothes, our home decor, our walls.

Our Litcore collection is a curation of our favourite classic covers and illustrations. Including the likes of Virginia Wolfe, F.Scott Fitzgerald, Charles Dickens and Daniel Defoe. This is a collection for both the booklover and bookinista, the academic and the young adult. Let the worlds of these authors come alive in your everyday.

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