Artist in Focus - Lucy Francis

Lucy Francis is an illustrator and fine artist based in London. She studied Illustration & Visual Communication at university, obtaining a First Class Honours degree. Since graduating she has worked within various creative fields, however her true passion has always been drawing, primarily using traditional tools and practices. 

Lucy specialises in finely detailed illustrations, inspired by the natural world, she strives to capture the realism and beauty inherent in the subjects she draws. With a particular fascination with flora and fauna, she creates decorative pieces for the home, with an additional interest in designs and patterns for textiles, gifts and stationery. 

Her work has been exhibited at David Shepherd’s Wildlife Artist of the Year exhibitions (2013 & 2015), with original drawings displayed in the Mall Galleries in London. She was also featured as part of the 'The Best New Creatives of Noise Festival 2014' exhibition, having been selected as Curator’s Choice for the Illustration category by Gerald Scarfe CBE. As a result of this selection, her work was displayed on a plinth along London’s famous Southbank. Gerald Scarfe described Lucy's work as “wonderful, traditional wildlife drawings, faithfully, beautifully observed and drawn. Wonderful work for textbooks or prints. Exceptional work”. Lucy’s work has been sold in high profile retailers internationally.


Have you always been creative? And is there a particular moment you realised you were?

I have always loved to draw - in school, art classes were always my favourite and as I got older I knew it was something I wanted to continue professionally. Throughout my career I’ve been lucky enough to work creatively in a number of different roles within various industries such as textile, gift ware, greeting cards and wall decor. There was a time in my career when I took a break from drawing, it was then that I realised how much I enjoyed creating artwork and what it meant to me. I could see its positive effects and how it brings me so much joy and fulfilment, from then I knew it would always be a part of my life.

What do you want people to think or feel when they see your work?

I would love for those who see my work to feel and recognise the beauty that exists in the natural world, and to show my interpretation of it. I hope that people can find in my work something that resonates with them - in the same way pieces by other artists have done with me.  I am grateful every day that people would want to display my art within their homes, the place they feel most safe and can most be themselves. I like to think that when people feel this way, in the space they have made for themselves, that I have contributed a little to those feelings of joy and wellbeing.

What piece of equipment do you use the most?

It has to be my set of trusty fine liner pens!  As a tool, these are simply the best for me to achieve the hair-like marks and fine details I strive for in my work. 

Do you have a favourite Art Gallery?

When I first visited the William Morris Gallery, it instantly became a favourite of mine. From learning about his life and work while looking through the swatches of his beautifully designed fabrics, to exploring the arts and crafts movement, the time I spent there has been a constant inspiration to me. I also love the Natural History Museum, I know it's not a gallery as such but I find it a source of endless inspiration for my work, whether that's learning about new species or getting inspired on subjects to draw.

What else would you love to do or achieve in your career?

I would one day love to illustrate a wildlife book, and to have exhibitions of my work in galleries. I also wish to hopefully work alongside more wildlife charities, creating artwork to help raise awareness and funds for the vital work they do. Having created a piece of artwork recently, whereby all funds are donated to Conservation International was an honour, and I would love to continue down that path and work with more charities.

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