Series Spotlight - Magnificent Maps


Maps, although frequently used for purely factual purposes, are not necessarily objective or accurate. They are often limited by understanding or, perhaps, they could be considered capsules in time depicting our understanding of the world or universe around us at that specific moment in time. Maps are flux; borders and boundaries are subject to changes in politics, power, wealth and war and much much more. Often surrounded with decorative details indicative of our perception and opinion, maps can often be a reflection of identity, culture, history and socio-political status. 

Full of intrigue and interest, this cartographic collection features a variety of subjects, locations and themes, from the big picture to details in focus. Admire chartings of constellations, continents, countries, counties and cities, wonder at the intricate interweaving webs of walls, walkways and water.

A perfect balance of science, history, and aesthetics, this curated collection really puts the art in cartography. 

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