Be Inspired - Magnificent Minimalism


Minimalism often pushes abstraction to the extreme, glorifying the simplest essential elements of art. This allows for sleek simplicity and glamorous geometry, using light and shade to play with perception and perspective, a theatrical vibrancy and energy born from the purity of line and form. Although these artworks may be simple they are not plain, full of illusionistic texture, rhythm and fluidity, they are powerful and bold in their minimalism. 

This collection features a varied collection of minimalist abstraction, including the representative or reminiscent and the indiscernible and interesting. From the sculptural and structural to the soft and shapeless there is both kaleidoscopic geometry and inky smoke. With golds and gemstones, bolds and monochromes, this luxurious collection has both naturalistic neutral and striking statement pieces. 

This magnificent collection proves da Vinci right; sometimes simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. 

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