Series Spotlight - Marsha Hammel - Jazz Club


Marsha Hammel often paints musicians, especially jazz musicians, whose ‘planned spontaneity’ she aspires to include in her own compositions. The free-spirited space and ability to improvise is key both to jazz and her art. She often depicts unknown artists, musicians who are devoted to the art for art’s sake and not fame or notoriety.

Despite first becoming popular in the 1920s, there’s a certain timelessness to jazz clubs. Forced underground, both literally and metaphorically, due to the Prohibition and racism, there’s a sense of rebellion to the hustle and bustle of packed jazz clubs. Featuring suave and slinky club singers alongside the shiny gold of brass and percussion and the rich wood of strings and keys, you can almost hear the smooth tones of jazz music ringing through the air. Joyful and simple, highlighting mostly primary colours, these energetic prints will make you want to dance the night away.

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