Series Spotlight - Marsha Hammel - The Artist Studio Collection


A studio is of utmost importance to an artist. From the age of Aestheticism and the idea of l’art pour l’art, art for art’s sake, the studio could become a space solely dedicated to art, to inspire, to develop and nurture creativity. Marsha Hammel’s Artist Studio Collection is an imagined intimate peek into private spaces that fostered and homed the formation of some of the most famous and iconic works ever created.

Marsha’s modernist and gestural take of the artist’s studio features the workspaces of some of the most prolific artistic names of the twentieth century. Each work is evocative of the respective artist’s own revered and iconic style, from Picasso’s cluttered and angular Cubist workspace in the Rue des Grands-Augustins to Matisse’s studio full of languid and fluid forms, collaged in vivid colour. Wonder at Warhol’s famed Factory, red couch and all, featuring repeated imagery and recognisable subjects in bright colours. Take in Lowry’s broody and brown, architectural industrial space, missing identifiable human figures in his works, like his trudging matchstick men.

See if you can spot Hammel’s depictions of some of the works that changed the face of art in the twentieth century.

This new series of limited editions, are printed on Hahnemuhle paper using our exclusive Gouttelette® process; These are of exceptional quality with remarkable colour saturation and continuous tonal characteristics. Each edition is hand numbered, stamped and accompanied by a certificate signed by Marsha Hammel herself.  Edition 100.

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